jolandaShe has been creating unique knitwear since 1989. It is also the year when she has bought her first knit machine, because she felt, she could set free her creativity with making unique knitwear. Jolanda is passionate about drawing and creating, sketchbook and pencils have always been her companions. She has wanted to become a fashion designer, but has continued her education at the secondary school of economics. Yet she has never found herself in that occupation because her passion for creativity was too strong.

She has unified economy and creativity, adapted to new circumstances and used her education and desires to the fullest. She has become an entrepreneur and has started to show her creativity to the public, what has brought her an immense response already when creating her first products.

Her knitwear products are unique and every one of them has its own story. Knitwear products are soft, warm and always modern but for the creator it is a challenge to create the material first and then the final product. It does not matter if it is a pullover worn in your free time, a hat, a prom dress or even a dress for such a celebration as the wedding.

From yarns, which she mixes in colours, adds and takes away the colours, Jolanda first knits together the stripes and bigger pieces then she adds or takes away certain pieces, which create the final product at the end of the process. The product is finished when sewing machine finishes its work.

Every single product is made of yarn, put together by the creativity of its creator. The creation of her knitwear is a creative process. She puts all of her creativity and time in each product. In this way, every product tells its own story. Maybe not with her own story, because she is trying to create a piece of clothing or a fashion accessory made for the person who is going to wear it, so the person will feel the connection and wear it as the second skin… For that reason we claim, that knitwear products are a work of art. The products created and produced as unique pieces let your imagination flow and they can even embody the story for the viewer, as a puppet in the theatre or as a work of art hung on the wall.

Knitwear products of Jolanda Jelen are colourful, of different patterns, reliefs and unique solutions.

She has been creating the products under the brand ANJONA, a recognized brand by the Slovenian public.


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